A Quick Look Ahead at Three of 2018's Biggest Food and Beverage Trends

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The New Year brings both reflection and anticipation. We hear this in music recaps from the previous year. We see it on the news. And we read what's coming ahead in various articles across the web. Foodservice is certainly part of that collection of content.

So let's take a quick look at what we anticipate to be some of the hot trends in food and beverage in 2018.


The past several years have seen Korean food emerge as the next great ethnic cuisine, but looking ahead, we can expect growth in two main areas. First of all, Filipino food will gain in popularity as noted by a drastic increase in the number of Google searches for it. Second, look for Middle Eastern food to be popular, particularly Israeli food, as diners look for fresh food options rooted in deep culinary traditions.


As bar and beverage operators realize you don't have to sacrifice craft quality with mass production, look for dispensed cocktails to become more popular. There's now equipment capable of making this happen in an efficient, profitable way. What spirit should you look for in 2018? Expect to drink more mezcal-based cocktails.


Restaurants and even high-end cocktail bars will grow as much as they can, as close to the prep table or speed rail as they can. Look for herb gardens behind the bar, hops growing outside the brewery, and don't be surprised if your hot house tomatoes are grown in the plot next to the parking lot.


As you know, how we serve food and beverage can change just as quick as what we serve. New styles emerge that showcase our dishes. New glassware is created to enhance the aromas and flavors of our beer and wine. And new service solutions allow us to provide more efficient hospitality to our guests in a more elegant and cost effective manner.

We showcase many of these offerings right here in Raleigh. Our showroom, which has even been used as the location for some of the most popular pop-up dinners in the area, is a place where you can come to view our full range of tabletop solutions at your own pace.

Try bowls from one of our Noble China collections with plates from the playful Playground collection. Try mixing and matching flatware or glassware to create unique combinations that will result in memorable dining experiences for your guests. See how easy it is to assemble some of the most versatile and elegant buffet service solutions in the industry. And make sure you spend some time with a tabletop expert, who can walk you through the collections that will make the most sense for your operation.

Schedule some time in a BauscherHepp showroom today.

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