Tabletop Magic: Your 2023 Year in Review!

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BauscherHepp Tabletop Year in Review

The past year has been marked by successful showcases and events for BauscherHepp, each contributing to our mission of fostering excellence on the tabletop in the foodservice and hospitality industry.

NRA 2023 Highlights Brochure CoverIn May 2023, the National Restaurant Association Show provided an exceptional platform for us to connect with industry professionals. Our recap video and highlights brochure captures the vibrancy of the event, showcasing the innovative solutions and products we presented. This experience allowed us to engage with a diverse audience and share our commitment to advancing the culinary landscape.

In the summer, the Wasserstrom E&S Showcase in Arizona and the Edward Don Expo in Orlando turned out to be standout events, demonstrating our creative approach to training. The BauscherHepp team crafted a Super Mario Brothers Rainbow Road-themed booth that provided an opportunity for the Edward Don sales team to immerse themselves fully in a unique and engaging experience unlike any in foodservice. Attendees raced each other in assembling VENTA Service Carts, fostering teamwork, a competitive spirit, and product knowledge.

Don Expo-1

A Showroom Showpiece: A Focus on Raleigh

Our Raleigh showroom took center stage as a showroom showpiece, embodying our commitment to making our wide-ranging collections easily accessible to all customers and partners in a single location. The space served as the backdrop for our largest rep training ever. With an amazing team and a thoughtfully designed space, our Raleigh showroom stands as a testament to our dedication to providing unparalleled resources and support to our partners in the culinary industry.

What's it like to visit the showroom? Step into the BauscherHepp Raleigh showroom, and you'll find more than just a space; you'll encounter a testament to our commitment to excellence and the art of bringing people together. As distributors of a comprehensive range of commercial tabletop and buffet products, our brands boast a rich history deeply rooted in the global market, a perfect fusion of expertise and European heritage. What sets us apart is not just the highest quality products we offer but also a dedication to providing exceptional service that goes beyond the transaction.

At BauscherHepp, we understand the profound impact a well-set table can have on creating memorable experiences—be it a shared meal, a joyous celebration, or a corporate event. Our attention to detail and unwavering commitment to fostering a culture of excellence are woven into the fabric of our story, ensuring that our clients have the tools they need to craft exceptional moments for their customers. The Raleigh showroom is a physical embodiment of our values, inviting you to explore a world where quality, service, and the art of bringing people together intersect seamlessly.

Have You Seen Our Tabletop Content?

In 2023, BauscherHepp's content efforts have been nothing short of exceptional, delivering insightful and engaging blog posts that resonate with our audience and showcase our commitment to the culinary industry. One standout piece that garnered significant attention over the past several years is the "History of the Spoon" blog post, delving into the fascinating evolution of this everyday utensil. Its historical insights make it one of our top-viewed posts, not just of this year but of all times.

Another highlight from our content arsenal is the "Wine Guide," a timeless post from 2020 that continues to draw interest. There is an undoubted connection between a wine glass and how we perceive the wine within, and that connection relies on both physiology and psychology.

Sustainability has been a focal point in our content strategy, as seen in the post on sustainability in hotels. This blog delves into the critical role that sustainable practices play in shaping the future of the hospitality sector, resonating with our environmentally conscious audience.

Finally, our exploration of "The Use of Contrasting Colors on the Dinner Plate" struck a chord with readers interested in the visual aspects of culinary presentation. This blog post delves into the artistry of color on the dinner plate, offering practical insights for chefs and foodservice professionals looking to elevate their presentations.

As we reflect on the success of these blogs, we are excited to continue delivering high-quality, informative content that resonates with our audience and reinforces BauscherHepp's position as a leader in the foodservice and hospitality industries. Stay tuned for more captivating insights and engaging discussions in the coming months.


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