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How and Why is a French Sauce Spoon Used?

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How is a French Sauce Spoon used 

To the unfamiliar, it might look like a spoon with a small defect. For many chefs however, it’s a must-have utensil in their restaurants.

The French sauce spoon is both unique in design and versatile in function. Just as there are spoons for nearly every type of preparing and serving need, the French sauce spoon plays an important role the dining world. To properly use this specialized piece of flatware, we must first recognize its design and how a French sauce spoon is used.

What is a French Sauce Spoon?french sauce spoon

A French sauce spoon looks much like a regular spoon with some noticeable differences. It has a thinner edge, flattened bowl, and a distinctive notch on one side of it. The size and shape is most similar to that of a dessert spoon.

The French sauce spoon design helps scoop a sauce from a plate easily, without tipping the plate. The purpose of the notch on the side is intended to allow oil or fat to drain away from the sauce, or function in a way that’s comparable to the fish knife.

How is a French Sauce Spoon used?

The French sauce spoon resides between the dinner plate and the main course knife. The spoon, as the name would suggest, is used to eat the sauce often accompanying a fish or meat dish. In fact, the invention of using a sauce spoon started with the fish course. Once the fish or meat course is finished, the French sauce spoon can be used to scoop the leftover sauce that’s still on the plate.

When was the French Sauce Spoon invented?

Unlike most silverware, the French sauce spoon is fairly new to the tabletop scene. This spoon was invented in the 1950s in Paris, France at the restaurant Lasserre. Chef René Lasserre wanted guests to appreciate the sauces with his dishes, so he created this sauce spoon, known as cuillère à sauce. Presently, French sauce spoons can be found in many high-end restaurants in both France and around the world.

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