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The Purity Pearls Collection: Embodying Classic Style and Modernity

[fa icon="calendar"] 8/31/17 12:06 PM / by BauscherHepp

Bauscher Purity Pearls Collection 

Added last year to our Purity collection, Purity Pearls provides a visually stunning and custom look, well-suited to a variety of tabletop applications. 

What is the Purity Pearls collection?

Purity Pearls is part of the Purity Noble China collection from Bauscher. The Purity range is classic yet modern, with soft flowing lines and up-to-date patterns keeping your tabletop feeling fresh year after year.

The Purity Pearls pattern is slightly raised and is available in light or dark. Aptly named, the words timeless and longevity encompass this pattern. Though it has a modern feel, it is dignified, not overtly trendy, and will not lose style with the ebb and flow of more short-lived designs. Discover the details of our Purity Pearls range in our Purity Coupe & Decor literature.

What application is appropriate for the Purity Pearls collection?

Appropriate for daily use, Purity Pearls is durable and strong, fired at a temperature of 2550°F. It is extremely resistant to glaze damage and chipping. Purity Pearls would add an exciting visual presentation to any hospitality or restaurant operation.

What else should I know about the collection?

Purity Pearls was most recently a recipient of a Tabletop Award from Foodservice Equipment Reports magazine as part of its 2017 Smallwares and Tabletop Contest. It was also nominated for a 2016 German Design Award. 

Ready to see and feel Purity Pearls for yourself?

Request Purity samples from BauscherHepp.

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