Consumers Want to Know Where Their Food Comes From

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Plank Seafood dinner served on Stella, Purity Pink Pearls, Nara, and Origin

Living in an increasingly globalized time means our world is becoming ever smaller. Foods that were once difficult to obtain due to geographic or seasonal limitations can now be sourced all year long from around the globe. Just a few decades ago, avocados were hard to come by. Now you’re likely to find them in nearly every grocery store.

One of the consequences of this globalized food system is that most of us have no idea where our food comes from or how it was raised. The journey from farm to plate has become so convoluted, with countless middlemen along the way. Now a radical shift has begun and the ingredient customers are craving most is information, as a growing number are questioning the status quo and the origin of their food. Many restaurants are answering this call.

Plank Seafood (with locations in Nebraska and Texas), has created their Conscious Earth program, prioritizing sustainable fishing practices and transparency. Part of this program includes a real time view of their fishery locations, showing which fish are being caught and how.


You may also recall our highlight for Hotel Hohenhaus in Germany, where ingredients are sourced from the surrounding land:

Wild artichokes, aromatic forest mint, and spicy cress are collected on the company’s own herb meadows, while fresh mushrooms and game can be found in the associated forest. Even water, sheep, eggs, and honey are served only from our own production.

ReNew 2
We're also striving to lessen our impact on the planet and increase our transparency. Our ReNew collection from Playground is made from 90% recycled ceramic material to reduce waste, and we've added a new feature to our redesigned website. You can now see the country of origin for all products, so you'll know exactly where your items are coming from. To see more of the steps we and our brands are taking to improve our environmental and company culture, browse our Sustainability & Corporate Practices brochure.

Special thanks to Plank Seafood for information on their Conscious Earth Program

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