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What Is Stonewashed Flatware and Why Is It a Good Look?

[fa icon="calendar"] 10/8/17 9:00 AM / by BauscherHepp

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Flatware is available in different finishes for a reason. With options come different aesthetics, and each one has a unique place depending on the type of restaurant or foodservice operation. From smooth, matte to a jewelry-inspired metallic finish, we've seen them all. However, one finish stands out as being perfectly imperfect, the stonewashed finish.

What is a stonewash flatware finish, and how is it achieved?

As the name suggests, stonewashed flatware is quite literally washed with stones. The flatware is distressed with tumbler stones that act as tiny files on the metal. These tiny files cause an irregular pattern of abrasions, which lead to uniqueness. No two pieces of stonewash flatware are the same. The result is a distressed, rustic appearance that can bring vintage charm to any tabletop.

Why use a stonewash finish?

The farm-to-table trend has taken over the foodservice industry in recent years. Go to any city, and you are guaranteed to find a restaurant boasting farm-fresh ingredients with a rustic feel. The distressed quality of our stonewash finish flatware will perfectly complement the aesthetic of these farm-to-table restaurants.

In rustic or vintage settings, stonewashed flatware brings the authentic feel of eating a home-cooked meal in a country farmhouse. Now you can add that sensation no matter where you're serving dinner.

Looking for more than just style?

Read the Flatware Selection Tips Sheet, and get the basics on selecting the flatware that's right for your operation.

Bauscher Hepp Flatware Selection Tips


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