3 Tips to Prepare for Poolside Dining

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Poolside dining is one of the joys of summer and warm-weather months. For guests, it provides an opportunity to dine in a relaxed yet vibrant setting. For operators, that translates to an ability to attract and delight those customers. It's a win/win we've come to enjoy each year as winter winds down.

Great outdoor and poolside dining programs don't just happen, though. They must be planned and coordinated, especially as dinnerware and glassware are concerned. Broken plates or glasses are one of the top safety hazards around pools, often causing days, if not weeks, of delays in draining, drying, cleaning, and then refilling a pool. To prevent these setbacks, operators can focus on alternative solutions by the poolside. We'll get to those in a second, but first, let's focus on the revenue opportunities poolside dining provides.

Tip 1: Maximize Revenue Opportunities

Embracing outdoor and poolside dining, along with pop-up beverage and grab-and-go kiosks, presents a significant revenue opportunity in the hospitality industry. Recent statistics show that about 70% of customers prefer outdoor dining, especially near pools. This trend is prevalent in various establishments such as hotels, resorts, country clubs, and "day clubs" in cities like Las Vegas and Miami. Incorporating pop-up kiosks further enhances the poolside dining experience, catering to the diverse needs of patrons seeking convenience and variety.

Tip 2: Invest in Quality Poolside Dinnerware

When it comes to poolside dining, safety and durability are key. While glass and porcelain can be beautiful, they're not always ideal for the poolside for the reasons mentioned above. This is where alternative solutions like melamine can make a great impact, providing elegance while still ensuring poolside safety and reducing the risk of closure with broken plates. 

Take the Mayfair collection from Dalebrook, for example. Its simple and clean design makes it ideal for poolside dining, while its versatility, with plates doubling as lids for transporting food, ensures seamless service to diners. Meanwhile, the Trafalgar collection's matte texture provides a natural, contemporary finish, perfectly complementing any tabletop for both indoor and outdoor use. And let's not forget the Mineral collection, which combines the look of handmade ceramic stoneware with the benefits of melamine, offering a matte texture with attractive light-catching glossy particles.

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Tip 3: Plan Ahead and Stock Up Early

Timing is everything when it comes to preparing for poolside dining. As the warm weather approaches, so does the rush for outdoor dining equipment and supplies. The best time to buy is in late winter and early spring before inventory levels are reduced from the surge in purchases. Fortunately, many of Dalebrook's poolside dinnerware items are available in stock from BauscherHepp, ensuring you're ready to dazzle guests with sophistication and style.

Poolside dining presents a golden opportunity for hospitality establishments to delight guests with unforgettable experiences, so embracing outdoor dining trends, investing in the right serving ware, and planning ahead can provide enormous benefits. We invite you to explore our collections of poolside dining options today.

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