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Pearl vs. Stonewash: A Quick Comparison of These Popular Flatware Finishes

[fa icon="calendar"] 5/13/19 2:15 PM / by BauscherHepp

Pearl vs. Stonewash - A Quick Comparison of These Popular Flatware Finishes


When it comes to flatware and cutlery, one of the images that often comes to mind is a shiny knife or spoon, polished to perfection, capable of throwing back a reflection of the diner. While this may be elegant, it's not the only way to make an impression with your flatware.

More and more in modern dining, the use of flatware finishes are being employed to create contrasts on the tabletop, and of those finishes, there are two that stand out in their ability to create moods and in their overall popularity.

A Quick Comparison of Pearl and Stonewash Flatware Finishes


pearl flatware finish bauscherheppTo begin, take thousands and thousands of tiny, glass balls, and then blast them at a piece of cutlery at a very high pressure. This is the process behind Pearl, and it creates a gorgeous matte satin appearance. Some have described the results as "glowing."

Pearl is an ideal finish for operations looking for an elegant, more refined result. It's modern yet classic at the same time, and pairs well with stately dinnerware collections.

stonewash flatware finish bauscherheppSTONEWASH

With Stonewash flatware finishes, it's all about the uniqueness and individuality, as each piece is different. After a piece of cutlery goes through the stone-washing treatment, it emerge with its own distinct look, no two results being the same.

Stonewash is great for tabletops where vintage and rustic characteristics are desired, especially when paired with dinnerware and glassware that have the same, rustic appearance.

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Selecting flatware and cutlery can be a confusing process, but here's a resource that can help.

We put together a brief but comprehensive flatware selection guide, that walks you through the basics of choosing your flatware. From materials and construction to weight and design, be sure to review the right information in order to make the right decisions.

Bauscher Hepp Flatware Selection Tips

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