Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Dining

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Rosewater Outdoor Dining

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As businesses continue to reopen, you may find your seating capacity greatly reduced to accommodate Covid safety measures. It may be time to think outside the box, or rather, outside the walls. Outdoor dining is a welcome addition to any restaurant, and it creates new opportunities for your business. Here are a few things to keep in mind when expanding or creating your outdoor space:

Rosewater Outdoor Table

  1. Think of your outdoor seating as an extension of the interior, rather than a separate entity. Similar colors, lighting, music, materials, and aesthetic can bring the whole place together. That being said, there are some great opportunities that you can utilize with the great outdoors. Consider making this space dog friendly! Pooches have been cooped up throughout all this as well, and dog owners are looking for places to take them.
  2. Be prepared for inclement weather. Equip yourself with fans for the hotter days, canopies for rain, and heaters for the colder nights. Your furniture should be resilient, rustproof, and capable of handling fluctuations in temperature.
  3. Bring the bar to the patio if possible! This provides both transparency and entertainment for your guests. This also keeps guests from having to go inside to order drinks, cutting down on through-traffic. 
  4. Have fun with the tabletop. A unique and attractive presentation can catch the eyes of passerby. A beautiful outside space paired with colorful cutlery, interesting glassware, and trendy porcelain is a goldmine for social media. Patrons photographing and sharing their meal online is great free advertising, especially when paired with custom dinnerware featuring your logo!

With these tips in mind, you can create a beautiful and thriving outdoor space, and we're here to help. Be sure to explore our literature for inspiration!  

We know this is a trying time for our industry, which is why we're continuously updating our Covid-19 Resources and Aid page with information about grants and initiatives to help.


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Written by BauscherHepp

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