A Preview of the Latest Additions at BauscherHepp

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A Preview of the Latest Additions at BauscherHepp

Spring is always a popular time of the year to release the latest and greatest in tabletop. As usual, many of today's dinnerware and serveware trends are driven by foodservice tendencies in general, and 2024 is no different.

The concept of all-day breakfast has gained traction, offering diners the flexibility to enjoy breakfast at any hour. Chefs are responding to economic uncertainties by revisiting classic comfort foods and offering affordable, value-driven menu items that prioritize quality ingredients while maintaining profitability. And the rise of shareable dining experiences reflects a shift towards communal eating and social engagement in restaurant settings. By offering shareable plates and family-style dining options, establishments can create a sense of conviviality and drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.

There are other trends, too. As consumer preferences continue to evolve, there is a growing emphasis on plant-based cuisine and sustainable dining practices. The use of natural sweeteners in desserts reflects a broader trend towards healthier eating habits and clean-label ingredients, presenting opportunities for menu innovation and product differentiation while satisfying consumers' cravings for indulgent treats. And all of these trends can be seen, at least in part, being reflected in today's tabletop trends, perfected by the Playground brand.

Spot On: Playful Imperfection Meets Modern Style


Spot On, the latest addition to Playground's lineup, brings a touch of whimsy to the table with its stoneware aesthetic and imperfect charm. Featuring dipped color parts and a matte surface in basic grey/brown, Spot On adds a playful element to dining presentations. Designed by Mieke Cuppen exclusively for Playground, Spot On perfectly captures the essence of modern dining with its trendy coral accents and 'dipped' style decoration.

Embrace: Finding Comfort in Authenticity

Embrace invites diners to embrace comfort and authenticity with its Eco-Gres® construction and nest-like design. Crafted from 90% recycled clay, Embrace embodies the spirit of simple and affordable dining while celebrating the beauty of visionary vegetables and new ingredients. With its tactile rough exterior and smooth interior glaze, Embrace offers a unique dining experience that delights the senses.

Elevate: Elevating Dining with Elegance


Elevate adds a touch of sophistication to tabletop presentations with its plateau elements made of wood and carved surface structure. Designed by Mieke Cuppen, Elevate allows for height variation and unique food displays, making it perfect for showcasing new ingredients in style. With its emphasis on crafted surface treatment and artisanal elegance, Elevate brings a sense of refinement to any dining setting.

But the innovation doesn't stop there. BauscherHepp promises even more exciting releases, including new collections, colors, and shapes, to be showcased at the upcoming National Restaurant Association Show. Visit booth number 6427 to discover the latest trends in tabletop design and experience firsthand the unparalleled quality and versatility of Playground by BauscherHepp.


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