Current Healthcare Foodservice Trends and How They Relate to Tabletop

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Current Healthcare Foodservice Trends and How They Relate to Tabletop

Since the onset of COVID-19, the state of foodservice in healthcare facilities changed dramatically. We went from the early days of the pandemic when patients were isolated to prevent the spread of the disease (and everything that entailed from a foodservice delivery perspective), to today's landscape which is more challenging due to labor issues.

According to the most recent healthcare foodservice survey from Foodservice Director, 84 percent of respondents claimed to be short-staffed. Many healthcare facilities are combating these challenges by getting creative with scheduling or by pulling from a larger labor pool.

Other top healthcare foodservice trends include environmental and social responsibility, especially the reduction of food waste to help combat food insecurity. On menus, more and more plant-based items are taking center stage, and expect to find global flavors and elevated menu items on the center of the plate. As for the plates themselves? Well, they're important, too. Dinnerware, cutlery, and servingware can help contribute in positive ways to many of these emerging healthcare foodservice trends.

Sustainability on the Tabletop

Ultimately, sustainability and environmentally-conscious practices are a main focus for today's healthcare foodservice providers. Being one of the most important factors in successful foodservice delivery, BauscherHepp and our family of brands are committed to providing solutions that meet these standards.

To being, our porcelain factories adhere to rigorous environmental and energy management standards, holding certifications for ISO 14001 and ISO 50001. This ensures our production processes meet internationally recognized criteria for sustainability. Additionally, our decorated porcelain undergoes thorough testing to ensure compliance with Proposition 65 regulations, guaranteeing its safety for consumer use.

prop 65 porcelain



Our commitment to sustainability also extends to our cutlery brands, which have transitioned from plastic bags to recyclable paper packaging, resulting in a significant 40% reduction in plastic usage. Embracing durable materials like 18/10 stainless steel also contributes to waste reduction, as its longevity minimizes the need for frequent replacements. This holistic approach underscores our dedication to eco-conscious practices throughout our manufacturing processes.

Safety During Dining

One of the most important aspects of any meal in a healthcare setting is the preservation of safety. Keeping patients and residents safe, whether it be through innovative plate designs or keeping allergens away from certain patients, is critical.

At BauscherHepp and across our family of brands, we prioritize dining safety in healthcare settings by offering innovative dinnerware and cutlery solutions designed to meet the unique needs of patients and residents. Our porcelain plates are crafted to ensure optimal hygiene, featuring a lead-free, extremely hard glaze that resists staining and maintains cleanliness. Additionally, our special mugs are engineered with a wide, sturdy base to prevent spills, along with an ergonomic handle equipped with a burn guard for a secure hold and added safety.

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For individuals requiring assistance with dining, our assist plates feature steep walls that help guide food safely onto utensils, promoting independence and preserving dignity during mealtime. With a focus on functionality and user-centered design, our products contribute to an environment where dining experiences are not only safe but also comfortable and dignified for all.

Meals That Are Memorable

The reality is, for many hospital patients and senior care residents, meal times are often the most enjoyable and anticipated moments of the day. Making meals memorable is a great way for healthcare providers to increase patient and resident satisfaction, while also cultivating a reputation as being a first-class facility. And as you'd expect, BauscherHepp has some tabletop solutions that can help reinforce this notion. Our dinnerware, cutlery, and servingware are designed to elevate mealtime and contribute to residents' overall well-being. With brightly colored motifs adorning our dinnerware, we aim to create a positive atmosphere that enhances the dining experience.

healthcare dinnerware décor

Our non-swashing bowls are engineered to prevent spills during transportation over uneven surfaces, offering maximum stability to ensure meals reach residents safely. Additionally, our hygienic lids, microwave, and dishwasher safe, help prevent food from drying out while maintaining cleanliness.

We recognize that an elevated dining experience is crucial for older individuals, especially those in assisted living residences. That's why our collections offer a wide range of attractive options suitable for various meal concepts and budgets, enabling caregivers to create engaging dining environments tailored to residents' preferences. By choosing BauscherHepp products, caregivers can demonstrate their care and attention to detail, enhancing residents' dining experiences and overall quality of life.

Browse our diverse range of dinnerware and tabletop collections to see how you can elevate your seniorcare and healthcare foodservice today.


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