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Five Dining Challenges Every Wedding Venue Faces

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There are two words at every wedding that bring tears of joy to the guests. No, they aren’t “I do.” They are “let’s eat!”

Wedding days are long. From traveling to getting ready to the ceremony, it can all be very demanding. By the time dinner is ready at the reception, guests are going to want their food quickly. When juggling anywhere from 50 to over 300 wedding guests, it’s vital for a venue hosting a wedding reception to be able to control the movement (and hunger) of that many people. After all, the role of the caterer or banquet manager is to provide an experience without becoming part of the experience.

Here are some dining challenges that foodservice operators could face at a wedding reception, as well as solutions to help avoid a dreaded confrontation with "Bridezilla":

Limited Menu

“Chicken or Fish?” When a guest has to make a choice about one entrée several months in advance, it runs the risk of them changing their preference by the time the wedding day rolls around. With a buffet, guests can have every type of food that is offered to satisfy all tastes. No more requests for substitutions when the decision – and plate – is in the guest’s hands.

Hungry Guests

When the dinner is simply a plated meal, the guests get whatever is put in front of them. Were they looking for a little more than a 4 oz. sirloin? There is generally more food available with a buffet, with a better chance to satisfy that hungry guest looking for seconds.

Cost Concerns

The biggest hurdle every engaged couple faces during their wedding planning is money. The average cost of a wedding is well over $30,000. Offering a buffet option to the married couple is not only a cheaper alternative for them, but a less stressful one for the venue. Since buffets don’t require as many attendants to wait on tables, there are less servers needed to have on staff during the event.

Altered Schedule

The meal at a wedding reception is an important part of the day, but in the grand scope of things, it's not the most important thing. Dinner should be an enjoyable but efficient period of time. A buffet eliminates personalized orders and the possibility of mistakes. When serving gets delayed by incorrect orders, it can cut into valuable time cutting the cake or cutting a rug. 

Long Lines

Ever attend a large wedding with one buffet line? One bar? Without a proper layout, people will wait in line for far too long. Multiple buffet stations set up side-by-side or on opposite sides of the room create a better traffic flow for the wedding venue. Having several bar and drink stations placed in strategic spots around the venue will eliminate heavy congestion. Guests will be served quicker, and the movement of people will be much smoother.

Buffet service solutions solve a variety of dining challenges for large banquets and groups.

Discover how innovation and design serve more than just foodservice needs by reading the Guide to Buffet Service Stations from Mogogo. You'll get a first hand look at how the right buffet serving solutions can help eliminate some of the challenges listed above. Just bring your creativity and discover a whole range of possible configurations.

Guide to Buffet Serving Stations from Mogogo CTA

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Written by BauscherHepp

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