The Best Glasses for Craft Brewers

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Pouring the perfect craft beer requires not only skill in the pourer, but a high-quality beer glass that was made for the pour. Craft beer continues to have mass appeal with just under 10,000 brewpubs, taprooms, and microbreweries currently open in the United States. Whether you’re pouring a hazy IPA or a citrusy wheat ale this summer, we encourage you to take stock of the glasses you have on the shelf.

The Classic Choice

If you’re looking for a clean design choice that provides an alternative to the stereotypical pint glass, Luigi Bormioli’s Top Class collection is our favorite choice. While this collection offers the sleek traditional lines customers have come to know and love about enjoying a frothy ale at the end of a long week, it’s certainly not the only option - and for good reason.

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The Science Behind the Glass

It might not be surprising that the makers of the finest wine glasses, Luigi Bormioli, have also designed a full range of some of the best glasses for Craft Beer. The science behind the perfect glass of beer requires that the aroma, flavor, and color are each exquisitely presented to the drinker.

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In their Birrateque Collection, Luigi Bormioli has crafted the perfect shapes and dimensions to complement specific beer styles. The goal of each glass is to enhance the organoleptic features of the beer’s natural flavors, creating a complete sensory experience. From the top of the glass down, here’s what you can expect: 

  • - A laser-cut fine rim (of 1.2 mm thickness) guarantees a pleasant mouthfeel
- Chimney and headspace to balance and release the full aroma of the beer
- A sturdy head that avoids oxidation of the beer
    • - Ultra-clear crystal allows all the ambers, dark browns, and golds to shine through
      • - Laser etched circle at the bottom of the glass helps maintain a fine and persistent stream of bubbles

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From First Tastes to Full Pours

Craft beer culture in the United States thrives on a spirit of daring experimentation. With salty summer flavors like Oyster Stout or an end-of-meal treat such as Creme Brulee Stout, Luigi Bormioli encourages patrons to step outside their comfort zones with a tasting glass made specifically for the adventurous drinker looking to explore new tastes. Once a customer finds their new favorite, the extensive collection from Luigi Bormioli provides everything you need to pour ciders, pilsners, porters and more.


Tradition of Excellence

Whether you're running a microbrewery or a charming local taproom, one truth remains evident: you take pride in offering delectable, locally crafted beer created by passionate artisans. With an unwavering commitment, these brewers pour their heart and soul into every batch of craft beer, making it imperative to present the end product in a vessel that truly honors its essence. Enter Luigi Bormioli, renowned for their rich legacy of exceptional glass craftsmanship. Not only are they the preferred choice for wine and cocktail enthusiasts, but they also stand as a distinguished purveyor of beer glasses designed to cater to both the casual indulger and the burgeoning beer connoisseur.

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