Coffee Tasting Wins 2020 German Design Award

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The German Design Award is selected by an international jury, honoring only the most innovative and groundbreaking designs. This year Coffee Tasting was a recipient of this prestigious award for Excellent Product Design in Tabletop.

Coffee Tasting Wins German Design Award

The National Coffee Association conducts an annual survey on America’s coffee-drinking habits. For 2019, 63% of respondents said they had consumed a coffee beverage the previous day. This response is consistent with previous years’ findings. What was surprising is how many of those consumers had enjoyed a “gourmet” or “specialty” coffee: 61%. This marks the first time gourmet coffee has crossed the 60% threshold. In just 2015, it was only 48%.

Coffee Tasting was designed with this increasing desire for specialty coffee types in mind. From the mind of industrial designer Carsten Gollnick, Coffee Tasting is a true fusion of form and function. Every piece is designed to enhance the enjoyment of coffee in all its forms. From Vietnamese to Bulletproof Coffee, there's a shape designed for every type. 

Coffee Tasting is truly deserving of this award, with a host of unique features that create the best coffee experience:

  • The sheer rim has an excellent mouthfeel.
  • A ribbed texture on the exterior of the bowls and cups not only hearkens back to the texture of a coffee sleeve, it also provides a better grip.
  • Clear glasses showcase careful layered compositions with milk and coffee.
  • The especially deep saucers can also be used as dishes for tasty snacks or desserts!
Multipurpose Cups and Bowls

We think seeing is believing, so check out this video to see why there's so much to love about Coffee Tasting. 



To create the best coffee experiences, visit our Literature Page to see all the possibilities from porcelain to metal and glassware. 


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