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An Interview with Chef Yury Krasilovsky

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Yury Krasilovsky, Executive Chef with Barilla Foodservice is no stranger to the heat of the kitchen, or of competition. Currently he’s competing in Riverence’s Gold Rush Cooking Competition and we’ve been blown away by his entries so far. This dish, which he’s named “24 Carat Gold” caught our eye, with Riverence’s Gold trout on a bed of creamy polenta and saffron beurre blanc, garnished by golden tomatoes, grapes, trout roe, and chervil. We asked him a few questions about his long history with cooking and how he decides to compose his dishes.



Q: At what point did you decide you wanted to be a chef and why?

Chef Yury: I have incredible memories cooking with my mom, my parents inspired me to do what I love. I was so sure about my decision I started culinary school two weeks after high school ended.

Q: What inspires you the most in your cooking?

Chef: My food is very much inspired by memories, experiences, smells, and place. I’m very much a food lover at heart and always a student of my craft.

Q: What’s the best dish you’ve ever made?

Chef: That’s a very hard question to answer. Everything I make I put my heart and soul into. I think that when you cook with heart and passion you can taste it.

Q: What’s the worst?

Chef: I’m sure there have been plenty of misses, but nothing in particular comes to mind.

Q: Your plating is so beautiful and thoughtful—I love the polenta and trout in our Showpieces bowl. Do you have a plan in mind when you’re plating something, or is it more improvisational?

Chef: Typically I have a vision for my dish. What’s the star? How do I accentuate that ingredient? What are the components to this dish that will make the most sense? In this case the Showpieces bowl had a very unique rim and overall texture which reminded me of a rocky river. With the gold charger underneath it almost feels as if the fish is swimming.

Q: What qualities do you look for when selecting dinnerware to provide your customers with an experience?
YK: I look for high quality, visually stunning and unique dishes. Ones that enhance the overall dish but don’t take away from the food. One of my favorite dishes that is always a showstopper is the bubble plates and bowls.*

*Chef Yury is talking here about Snow from Tafelstern.

You can see more of his works and wish him well in the competition by visiting his Instagram @chefyuryk.  


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Written by BauscherHepp

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