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A Quick Primer on Mogogo CliX Modular Tables

[fa icon="calendar"] 2/5/19 5:36 PM / by BauscherHepp

A Quick Primer on Mogogo CLiX Modular Tables


In hospitality and catering, being able to easily and securely move things around is one of the most important objectives. This rule applies not only during service, but is also critical for setup, breakdown, and storage.

Mogogo buffet service solutions are built on this overriding principle. Quite literally, in fact. As you've seen in previous material, Mogogo units are extremely easy to set up and take down while still providing an elegant, first-class aesthetic. And this goes beyond their Classic and Creative Modular ranges.

BauscherHepp Mogogo CliXWith the more recent CliX line of Mogogo tables, operators can now provide easy-to-assemble gathering places that will fit into any situation in any type of space.

CliX tables, like all Mogogo products, represent the perfect blend between function and fashion, whereas neither are sacrificed and both are accentuated. The goal is to provide a beautiful table while making service as easy as possible for operators.

Inspired by modular banquet furniture, CliX tables are versatile and adaptable because they come in a variety of shapes and sizes.


Let's start here, because table height is the differentiator between the different CliX options. Tables are available in 30-inch heights, 36-inch, and 42-inch. These are designated in the H30 Tables, H36 Tables, and H42 Tables.


Whether you're going tall or using a shorter table option, all table sizes come available with square tops, rectangle tops, and round tops. The base stays the same.

Looking for variety? Swap out a square top and add the circular top to the exact same base. Need more room? Combine two bases and add a rectangular top. 


Tops and bases come in a variety of pairing options. Brass and stainless steel bases provide different support elements, while tops come in options including marble, slate, and wood. Mix and match them to suit your style.


We just mentioned the different styles of tops that come with the CliX collection, but we should reiterate the versatility that Mogogo designs permit. Instead of changing out legs based on the type of top, Mogogo CliX allows operators to use the exact same leg configuration regardless of which type of top is used.

Are Mogogo CliX tables easy to assemble?

Yes. They are.

With a patented quick-lock mechanism, assembly requires one click to attach (hence the name CliX) and one twist to detach. Don't take our word for it, though, come see for yourself!

If you're in Orlando for The NAFEM Show 2019, stop by booth number 757 to see CliX up close. You can also schedule some time to stop by one of our BauscherHepp showroom locations.

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