A Quick Look at the History of Rustic Style

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What's old is new. This simple statement is reflective of design trends ranging from tabletop dinnerware to restaurant design to architecture and design. But where did rustic modern originate, and what is the trend really about?

In his 2000 book, Modern Rustic: Natural Ideas for a Contemporary Lifestyle, Ali Hanan said, "Creating the rustic modern look is an organic process that takes time and commitment. Some decorative touches… may take some effort tracking down, but the end result is timeless."

In the last several years, though, this organic process has been sped up. And a driving force of its popularity is the foodservice industry. We live in a world where the lines are constantly blurred. Convenience stores are becoming more like coffee shops, coffee shops are becoming more like restaurants, fast casual restaurants are becoming more like fine dining, and fine dining is becoming more casual and, yes, in many ways, more rustic. Think chalkboards, worn wood, and earth tones.

In addition to just the rustic modern aesthetic, there's also a conservation-minded component to this trend. Many modern rustic interior design elements contain sustainably harvested woods, or even better, reclaimed and repurposed woods.

According to a 2012 issue of San Diego Magazine, the trend took off in southern California between 2011 and 2012, with commercial establishments like bars and restaurants leading the way. A local design firm received a Design Excellence Award from the American Society of Interior Designers by utilizing modern rustic techniques, and today, the trend has spread across the country and across the dinner table.

See how the rustic modern style has affected dinnerware. Read the Bauscher Intro to Modern Rustic, and find out.


Bauscher Intro to Modern Rustic 

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