A Concise Look at the 2024 Cocktail Trends

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A Concise Look at the 2024 Cocktail Trends

Nobody likes a good cocktail program like the team here at BauscherHepp. From the great three-ingredient classics like the Negroni or the Bijou to the more intricate recipes including ingredients we've never tried, each menu is unique in its attempt to attract customers and drive profitability.

Maybe more than any other aspect of food and beverage, trends are a driving force behind what sells in a cocktail bar. New spirits, obscure flavor profiles, and the creative use of ingredients can all add up to success. So, too, can glassware, of course, but more on that later.

To start, let's focus on some of the 2024 cocktail trends that operators should embrace in the coming year.

NoLo Rising

What is NoLo? NoLo is the movement toward low and zero-proof beverages that gain popularity every year. This year will be no different. Especially in the early parts of the year, many consumers embark on Dry January campaigns that extend to the later months of the year. In some cases, zero-proof or non-alcoholic are replaced by low-alcoholic beverages as the next-generation drinkers embrace a "less but better" approach.


Tastebud Travel

During the pandemic, many consumers used food and beverage as a way to explore far-off lands from the comfort and convenience of their own homes. In more recent times, we've seen the revolution of Revenge Travel as people make up for lost time to explore the world. Combine these two ideas, and you get the idea of globally inspired cocktails that are showing up on more and more menus. Cocktail culture will intertwine with travel in 2024, bringing us the joys of French-inspired menus and the rush of tropical-infused flavors in classics like Old Fashioneds and Negronis. The trend will even extend into Europe as tequila helps our friends across the pond become Paloma lovers.

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Experience Clarity

Many years ago, Pepsi released a clear version of its product, in essence turning it into the appearance of seltzer water. While Crystal Pepsi didn't last very long, the concept is spilling onto the bar in 2024 in the form of cocktail clarification. Clarified cocktails expand on the clear ice trend that began several years ago by putting liquids through a process that removes or reduces cloudiness and impurities in the glass. The result can be a clear, visually appealing, and surprising drink. This technique has gained popularity in modern mixology as bartenders and enthusiasts seek to elevate the visual and sensory experience of cocktails.

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Joe Cocktail

We all know about the Espresso Martini, but coffee and cocktails will solidify their relationship even more in '24. Following other industry trends, it makes sense. As we see more and more coffee shops by day turn to cocktail bars by night, the marriage of coffee and cocktails is practically arranged. Consider Starbucks, for example. If you've ever stepped into one of Manhattan's Starbucks Reserve locations, it's easy to see how java fits so easily into a cocktail glass. Espresso Martini alternatives like the Carajillo and Spanish Coffee are predicted to gain traction for those looking to enjoy the flavors of coffee in their cocktails.

Sustainable Sourcing

Like the more moderate drinking habits listed above, what goes into the glass is also expected to become more sustainable in the coming year. More and more consumers are making choices based on whether or not a restaurant uses sustainable practices, and this will carry over to the bar. Operators will look for more sustainable ingredients in 2024, embracing a holistic approach that will incorporate sustainably sourced aromatics, florals, botanicals, and oils to create nature-rooted cocktail experiences.

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Looking for more ways to grow your bar and beverage program in the new year? Let BauscherHepp be your guide to all the best glassware that will elevate your aesthetics. Look for some brand new collections from our friends at Luigi Bormioli in the coming months.




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