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Tassen Laughing Bowl and Bite Plate



Nothing provides expression to your tabletop like Tassen from FIFTYEIGHT PRODUCTS. This collection of high-grade porcelain comes in many shapes, sizes, and feelings, but the "emojis of foodservice" just became even more expressive with the addition of the laughing bowl and the bite plate.

Tassen Laughing Bown BausherHepp.png

Tassen Laughing Bowl from BauscherHepp

Tassen's laughing bowl brings a cheerful face to any dining situation. Each 500 ml bowl is perfect for soups, salad, or any dish that would be enhanced by a little extra zest of personality.

Tassen Bite Plate from BauscherHepp

Tassen Bite Plate BauscherHepp.png

The newest 24 cm deep bite plate from the Tassen collection adds a bite of mystery to any salad, pasta dish, or main entrée serving. When paired with an expressive bowl from Tassen, it will really give your soup something to laugh about.

For diners who say they are hungry enough to eat the plate or they like the sauce enough to eat the bowl, you can now give them the chance to live up to their words.

The Details on Tassen Dinnerware

Tassen dinnerware is dishwasher and microwave safe. Made from genuine hard porcelain, it is break-proof, hotel quality, made 100 percent in Germany using inspiration from 3D animations and emotionally engaging characters.

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