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New Knives to Help Your Steak Service Sizzle

When we think of classic American steakhouses, words like bold, solid, and rustic come to mind. Few cultures around the world embrace beef like we do, and in order to be successful when serving steaks, operators need to take great care of the details.

Aside from the cut of meat itself, one item that will rank at the top of a guest's takeaways is the knife used to cut that steak. To say the knife matters is an understatement.

Even though there are different styles of eating with different opinions on what a good knife should include (we would argue that knives should be solid and not weigh down the hand), just about everyone can agree that a good steak knife should be sturdy, easy-to-clean, and visually appealing.

Along those lines, we're happy to announce two new steak knife and fork sets from both Hepp and WMF. They are made from long-lasting stainless steel, are dishwasher safe, and contain dark wood handles that are perfect for tradition, rustic steakhouse décor.


Taurus from Hepp


Hepp Taurus Steak Knives

The new TAURUS (Latin for bull) steak knife and fork certainly live up to their name. The set is an ideal accessory at the table in all kinds of ambient concepts.

Taurus scores with timeless design: The dark wood-effect handle is reminiscent of the classic rustic look, while the slightly curved shape of the knife gives it a touch of elegance. The fork has pointed tines to ensure the required firm hold, while the knife – which is made of long-lasting stainless steel – has an extremely sharp blade that slices through meat with minimal effort.


Rodeo from WMF


Rodeo from WMFThere is one thing that makes enjoying meat even better: the perfect cutlery. WMF Professional has the perfect solution with its new Rodeo cutlery. As its name suggests, it not only makes light work of an authentic Texan steak and baked potato, it also cuts spare ribs into bite-sized pieces.

Guests will be amazed at just how easily the blade with 2.0mm serrated edge cuts into the meat. The wooden look of the handle, which is achieved through a combination of brown colors flowing into one another, makes the cutlery a real eye-catcher. The traditional, elegant look of Rodeo is not only perfect in steakhouses or fine dining restaurants, this all-rounder is also a hit with burger bars.


These new sets are coming new to BauscherHepp in the fall of 2018. Contact us today to learn more about their features or to set up a sample request once they arrive.