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Introducing the Krinkle Plate from Tafelstern


If you have Netflix and love food, you may have seen the amazing series called Chef's Table. From episode to episode, we get to travel the globe and spend an hour or so with a single chef. We find out what makes her tick. We see where he got his influences. We delve into the creative process of cooking.

In the very first episode, the series visits Massimo Bottura at his restaurant in Modena, Italy. Though Osteria Francescana got off to a slow start with the critics, the public eventually figured out Bottura's greatness, and today his establishment has three Michelin stars and the label as the world's third best restaurant.

What does all this have to do with the new Krinkle Plate from Tafelstern?

1-79-2640-p.jpgOne of Bottura's most famous dishes is a lemon tart referred to as "oops I dropped the lemon tart" dessert. In the show, he describes a night in the restaurant when they were sending out their final lemon tart of the evening, and somehow it wound up on the floor. While some may see tragedy, Bottura saw greatness. He quickly cleaned up the plate and sent the dish out broken. 

"A lemon tart drops and you realize that that is the next recipe," Bottura said in an interview.

This is exactly the type of creativity encouraged by the Krinkle Plate from Tafelstern. Like a wadded up piece of drawing paper that has slowly unfurled, the unique design comes in both 18x12 or 40x18 cm options. It's perfect for creative chefs who think outside the box, who see the beauty in blemishes.

Whether you drop your next plate or are just inspired by imperfection, consider the Krinkle Plate from Tafelstern as part of your repertoire.

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